Becoming An AHA Instructor

 Becoming an AHA Instructor

Just follow these steps to become an AHA Instructor at ERTSS.

1. Have a current PROVIDER card in the discipline (i.e., ACLS, BLS, PALS, Heartsaver) you
wish to teach.

2. Enroll in the scheduled Instructor Course you desire.

3. Join the AHA Instructor Network

4. Order your Instructor Course material. You must bring this material with you to the
Instructor Course. You can order your Instructor Material from ERTSS or any of the 3
approved vendors for the American Heart Association.

5. Complete the Online Instructor Essentials Course for the Instructor level you need.   $30 fee

6. Attend and successfully complete the Instructor Course.

7. Be monitored teaching your first course within 6 calendar months of completing your
Instructor Course. Your provider certification must be valid on the date your monitoring
is completed. Monitoring must be completed by a TC Faculty Member or TC designee and
the Instructor Candidate is responsible for coordinating / scheduling with the Monitor. A
list of approved  monitors will be provided at the Classroom portion of your Instructor


if you have further questions, please contact us at 770-716-1404   (  M-F  8am-4:30pm  )