New BLS For Healthcare Provider Exams

 To all AHA BLS Instructors. The AHA has issued 2 New exams for the BLS for Healthcare Providers course. These exams must be used for all BLS HCP courses starting February 1st, 2012. These New exams will be known as versions “C” and “D”. ALL INSTRUCTORS….Please discard the versions “A” and B” along with all answer keys. answer sheets,  and reference guides for these exams. Contact the Training Center to make arrangements to get the New BLS HCP exams. This does not effect the optional Heartsaver Exams.

·  Written exams are secure items and are NEVER to be posted on ANY website, whether public or private, through a
learning management system or Intranet.
·  Written exams are ONLY distributed to the AHA Training Center Coordinator of record at each Training Center. AHA WILL NOT provide exams to Instructors or Training Center Faculty members. If inquiries are received by Instructors or Faculty, AHA will direct them to contact their TCC.  
·  The TCC is responsible for distributing exams to BLS Instructors and BLS Training Center Faculty members aligned with their Training Center. Training Centers may issue exams in the original and complete “Adobe PDF format” via electronic communication (e.g., email).
·  Written exams may be copied as needed for conducting courses. However, please be sure to follow the policy concerning exam distribution, as outlined in the Program Administration Manual.

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