E-Card Order Form

eCards or virtual certification cards are now available. Instructors can issue ecards at the time of class to their students. ECards are distributed to AHA Instructors by their Training Center through the AHA Instructor Network. The price of the eCards are the same as the traditional certification card now being used.
eCard Process:
1. Log on to the AHA Instructor Network and download the card user guide located in the “Additional Tools” section.  This is Important!
2. Order eCards by using the form below.
3. Once the eCards are loaded into your Instructor Network, you can issue eCards to your students.
           Training Sites:
           Training Sites (TS) can now set up a “Location”. When eCards are ordered by the
TS, they are loaded on the TS location. They can then be assigned by the TS
Coordinator to individual Instructors under the Training Site. TS locations can only
be setup by approved TS under ERTSS. Login to the AHAInstructor Network for
more information.

eCard Order Form

  • Please complete the form below to order your eCards. If you need to order more than one type eCard, please use sections 2 & 3 as needed. Once we receive your eCard order and have processed your payment, we will load the eCards onto your AHA Instructor Network Account.
  • eCard Section 1

  • eCard Section 2 ( if needed )

  • eCard Section 3 ( if needed )