2017 Instructor Updates

The 2017 Instructor Updates are Complete. If you did not attend an Instructor Update, your Instructor Card expired on July1st, 2017. As a courtesy, we will offer the Online Instructor Update for those who missed the Update Courses. There is a $25 Late Fee plus $7 per Instructor Card. You cannot teach courses until this Update has been completed.

Click Here to go to the 2017 Online Instructor Update


The AHA Instructor Updates for 2017 began in March and were held through the end of June.  There were 66 scheduled Update courses and several Updates held on site at some of our Training Sites. All AHA Instructors affiliated with ERTSS were required attend one (1) update to recertify for the 2017-2019 recert cycle. If you did not, your AHA Instructor Certification has expired. You may complete the Instructor Update Online here on our website which will re-instate your Instructor Certification. There is a $25 Late Fee plus the cost of your Instructor card ( $7 each ). Since your Instructor Card has expired, you can not  teach courses until you have successfully completed the Online Instructor Update.