Important Heartsaver Price Update

This morning, October 3rd, 2017 , we were notified by the American Heart Association, of a substantial price increase for all Heartsaver Certification Cards effective immediately.
All three vendors for AHA ( Channing-Bete, Laerdal and Worldpoint ) were instructed to implement these prices immediately for all US Training Centers.

The New Certification Card Pricing for all Heartsaver programs is now $20 per card for ERTSS Instructors
Yes, this is a tremendous increase!

The Heartsaver Course Textbooks have decreased to $2.50 each plus shipping & tax from the AHA Vendors. This is a tremendous decrease!
AHA Requires each student to have a textbook. (exception for Online Heartcode )

Your investment per student for all the Heartsaver Classroom Courses is now $20 for certification card plus the cost of the student textbook ($2.50 plus tax / shipping from vendor)
* ERTSS may stock Heartsaver level student textbooks. ($5.00 each – Pick Up at ERTSS )
**** Call for availability

Your Investment per student for the Heartsaver Blended Heartcode course is $20 for the certification card. No textbook is required.

Please Adjust Your Course Pricing to cover these cost.

Please review the below memo from AHA regarding this increase.


Heartsaver Increase email